Crowdfunding: Vanusca e Amigas da Pequenada

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Crowdfunding: Vanusca e Amigas da Pequenada

Startup Madeira is helping to promote a crowdfunding project by Vanusca and Amigas da Pequenada . This is a children’s musical project on DVD, didactic and accompanied by Portuguese Sign Language (see more information below).

This crowdfunding campaign has been accepted on a national platform and has already reached 76% of the investment needed. Being a project for children held in Madeira, we decided to send this information to the schools that teach preschool and 1st cycle, as we believe it is an opportunity for children’s development. We ask for help in the dissemination of information to your school community (teachers, educators, helpers and education providers).

> You can support and get more information about this campaign here

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