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Session: Running Remote @ Madeira

5 April, 2023


Date: 14 de April 2023
Hour: 15h30 - 16h50
Location: Colégio dos Jesuítas

This session will welcome Cristina Muntean (Vornica), Gonçalo Hall (NomadX), Liam Martin (Running Remote).

Entrance is free but requires registration (below)

Running Remote:

Madeira will welcome, for the first time, the author and co-organizer of Running Remote, Liam Martin. As an opportunity to share more information about the conference, and the Remote Work theme, this Session of Knowledge Sharing, will take place on April 14th, at Colégio dos Jesuítas, at 15h30.

This session in Madeira, will be focused on Remote Work, its trends, opportunities and challenges. Liam, Through his work in the past decade and more, he has developed a reputation as a highly influential and supportive advocate of the adoption of remote-first management and cultures in organizations around the world. 

Guided by an overarching mission to empower both employers and employees to benefit from more collaborative, productive and effective asynchronous work environments, Liam launched time tracking and employee productivity SaaS platform - Time Doctor - in 2011 with co-founder Rob Rawson. Together with Rob, Liam co-authored Running Remote book in 2022—a guide to seamless remote work adoption which became a WallStreet Journal Bestseller selling thousands of copies to date. A prolific and self-assured writer and speaker, Liam is genuinely committed to helping others overcome conventional business wisdom to increase their agility and competitiveness. Since 2017, he has been the co-organizer of the world’s largest conference for building and scaling remote teams, Running Remote. He has openly shared his expertise on the benefits and challenges of flexible, asynchronous and data-driven workforce management in articles for reputable publications like Forbes, Inc, TechCrunch, and Wired. The book is based on real lessons and strategies gleaned from interviews with pioneering founders that have successfully harnessed asynchronous operations.

- Running Remote:Now in its 6th year of operation, the world’s largest remote-work conference is back again! With over 8,500 previous attendees and 300 industry speakers, Running Remote has announced it will host its next live event in Lisbon, Portugal, April 25 - 26, 2023. For more information about the event, venue, speakers, agenda, or for ticket information, visit their website.


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