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HUB Azul Madeira [Apresentação Oficial]

8 May, 2023


Hub Azul Madeira [Official Presentation]

Madeira is currently focused on developing an innovative ecosystem in the area of Blue Economy. In that sense, several public and private entities, in partnership with Fórum Oceano and Startup Madeira, joined forces to create the Hub Azul Madeira, a project that includes an international call which pretends to attract, already on 2024, 10 international startups to work on the Blue Economy. The project will be officially presented this Friday, May 12th, from 14:30, at Salão Nobre do Governo Regional.

The companies that accept the challenge to relocate to Madeira, or local startups developing sustainable blue economy projects, will be supported by Startup Madeira and will be able to use the space of APRAM, in the Caniçal Port.

The aim is that startups can settle in Madeira, work from the island, use the local infrastructure, and benefit from the local talent. The central objective is to develop a creative ecosystem, related to the sustainable blue economy, namely in the areas of robotic, precision fishing, shipping - benefiting from Madeira's International Shipping Register, by SDM - and in other areas related to the blue economy, as a producer of profit and positive environmental impact.


14:30 >
Conferência: Apresentação Hub Azul Madeira: Desafios e Oportunidades da Blue Finance
Abertura: Rui Barreto, Secretário Regional de Economia 

Ruben Eiras - Secretário-Geral, Fórum Oceano

Rita Sousa – Faber
André Almeida Santos – Indico Capital Partners
Pierre Erwes – Blue Forward Fund
Alex Kotchoubey - Ocean Born Impact
Chris Patton – Alphacor
16:00 >
Apresentação do Hub Azul Madeira
Carlos Soares Lopes - Presidente Executivo, Startup Madeira
Gonçalo Santos - Coordenador de Internacionalização, Fórum Oceano - HubAzul Portugal

A relação entre a Rede Hub Azul Portugal com o Hub Azul Madeira
Gonçalo Faria - Gestor-Líder do projeto Forum Oceano – Hub Azul
16:30 >
Intervenção final 
Miguel Albuquerque - Presidente do Governo Regional da Madeira


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