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Gaming Startup Retreat | 2nd > Demo Day

8 March, 2024


Gaming Startup Retreat > Demo Day
26th March Museu da Eletricidade Casa da Luzfrom 2pm to 5pm
A Startup Madeira, as part of the activities of the eGames Lab consortium, will be holding, on March 26th, 2024, the closing session of the 2nd edition of Gaming Startup Retreat*

This Demo Day is a moment of celebration, representing an end of 6 weeks of work for international startupswhere they will share their projects with investors, partners, gamers, entities from the creative industries, the community and the curious.

For 6 weeks, this acceleration program includes 10 startups, based in 9 countries: Beyond Death (Ucrânia), Digital Lab Studio (Angola), Housefolk (Finlândia), Indulge Me (Brasil) , Katchit (Portugal), MonsterVerse (Brazil), spotAR (Alemanha), Team R&S Gamings (Itália), Trigan (UK), Vevegeek (Roménia).

In this afternoon, we are also welcoming Jeferson Valadares (Fortis Games & APVP), Rui Humberto (FunPunch Games & GameDev Lisbon), Francisco Pires de Miranda (SPOT GAMES) and Candy Flores (Madalia.World) which will explore topics related to the video game ecosystem and creative industries, from community development, the ecosystem, gamification in education, the digital world, opportunities and visions for the future.

This session will also welcome Carlos Soares Lopes (Startup Madeira).


14:05 >
Welcome @ Museu da Eletricidade Casa da Luz
14h10 >
The 2nd edition [by Startup Madeira]: Overview
14h15 >
Opening Intervention
14h25 >
Portugal Gaming Hub: Boosting the ecosystem
Jeferson Valadares | Fortis Games & APVP
14h35 >
2024 Players | Our Startups
Digital Lab Studio (Angola)
Beyond Death (Ukraine)
Housefolk (Finland)
Indulge Me (Brazil)
Katchit (Portugal)
MonsterVerse (Brazil)
spotAR (Germany)
Trigan (UK)
VeveGeek (Romania)
R&S Solutions (Italy)
15h50 >
All fun and games: from connecting to developing
Rui Humberto | Game Developer @ Fun Punch Games & Founder of GameDev Lisbon
16h05 >
Learning gamified: shaping how kids learn
Francisco Pires de Miranda | Founder @ SPOT GAMES
16h20 >
Technology and creativity: closing the gap between digital and physical
Candy Flores | Co-founder & CEO of Madalia.World
16h35 >
Madeira Island: making the most out of opportunities
Carlos Soares Lopes > CEO @ Startup Madeira
17h00 >
End of the day & Networking Session @Museu Café
[Full Agenda]

* Gaming Startup Retreat

For the second year, the Gaming Startup Retreat acceleration program aims to bring together startups and studios from the video game, creative and entertainment industries. Developed as part of the activities of the eGames Lab consortium, by Startup Madeira, in partnership with NOVA SBE, and with funding from the Recovery and Resilience Plan, this 2nd edition is taking place, in person, from February 19 until March 27, 2024, in Madeira.
During 6 intensive weeks, the participating startups will have the opportunity to work, share knowledge and experiences, analyze their own business and set goals, accompanied by expert mentors.
One of the main goals of this program is to give the entrepreneurs the chance to take advantage of the Madeira ecossystem, as a living hub, to test and scale their products and services, and explore new niches of branding.
More information about the agenda, mentors and startups are available at: https://gaming.startupmadeira.eu/.

Entrance is free but requires registration (below)