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Venture Capital

It is a form of investment in companies with high growth potential, through a stake in the company.
Venture capital entities generally take a minor and temporary position in companies. They operate with the goal of creating value, and on average, they sell their participation within 3 to 7 years.
It is applicable to various stages of project maturity, ranging from start-up, expansion, modernization, and business innovation with a strategic dimension.
The conditions of entry, relationship, and exit are predefined between the parties through a Shareholder Agreement. 
Startup Madeira, connects eligible companies with some entities with which it has partnerships. If you are a venture capital promoting entity, and wish to join us, please contact us.

Portugal Ventures

Its ambition is to boost the global success of Portuguese companies, leading them to achieve competitiveness goals in all phases of their business development.
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Indico Capital

It focuses on tech (high-tech) and sustainable companies, with ambitious teams that want to execute projects with them, working side by side.
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