8 April, 2014

BICs network

The Business Innovation Centres (BIC) are supporting institutions for innovative entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), recognized by the European Commission and coordinated by the EBN - European Business Centre Network.

Nationally, there are currently 8 centres that make up the Portuguese Association of Business Innovation Centres - BICS.

European Network

The European BIC Network is the ultimate reference for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship in Europe. This network was created in 1984 as an initiative of the European Commission, aiming to promote and support BICs across the European territory.

EBN - European Business and Innovation Centres Network with over 160 BICs in the 28 countries that make up the European Union, seeks to encourage and facilitate cooperation between the various institutions that work as support tools for the innovative projects. The coordination of this network, with headquarters in Brussels, seeks to ensure a set of skills, with the aim of:

  • ensuring the quality of services provided by all the BICs;
  • promoting the activities developed by the BICs;
  • disseminating the BIC concept;
  • supporting the participation of BICs in European Programmes.

In Portugal

The Portuguese Association of Business Innovation Centres - BICS is a non-profit organisation, representing the Portuguese BICS nationally and internationally.

BICS aims to bring together all European Business Innovation Centres, recognized as such by the European Commission and which have their headquarters in Portugal, with the objective of enhancing the activity of each and every one of its members, through a unique structure that allows for a uniform and homogenous execution of joint activities and the interchange of resources, methodologies, tools, activities and experiences.

The national networks in each region provide, in an integrated mode, a wide variety of services for setting up and developing SMEs. Currently there are 8 Business Innovation Centres in Portugal, 7 on the Portuguese mainland and the CEIM in the Autonomous Region of Madeira

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