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What is rs4e?

rs4e - road show for entrepreneurship, is a project that aims to allow students, from 6 to 25 years of age, to have a first contact with the fascinating world of entrepreneurship, through the concept of "learning by doing".

rs4e is an entrepreneurship project which has been carried out in the schools of Madeira and Porto Santo since 2005/06 by Startup Madeira. The programs are appropriate for the ages of the students and are presented at the various schools in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, ranging from elementary (1st cycle) to secondary schools, and institutions of vocational training and higher education.

rs4e aims to:

  • Awaken and stimulate in students the willingness to engage in undertakings;
  • Alert them to the existence of business opportunities around us;
  • Raise awareness to the importance of wealth creation and self-employment as a way to promote economic efficiency and social stability;

Startup Madeira also wants students to acquire some knowledge of the business world and have contact with important issues that cut across all business activities, such as Innovation and Quality.