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What is it?

The Steve Jobs Room is a collaborative work space for students who are doing projects at the university level (1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle).

The workplace was named in memory of Steve Jobs, an entrepreneur who revolutionized the way we currently see personal computers, animated movies, our mobile phones and even digital advertising.


Startup Madeira incubator (room 9)

Target Groups

To be accepted, the "followers" must be working on a genuine business project. A business project is understood to be any project, the aim of which is the use and/or sale of a product/service by an organization or by the students themselves for commercial purposes. CEIM requires that these projects be performance enhancers for innovation and creativity.


The room has a seating capacity of 16. Given the turnover mode and cooperative nature of the space, up to 32 students will be accepted each semester.

Working periods

08h30 to 21h30 (Monday to Friday) / 08h30 to 15h00 (Saturday)


Use of the space is free of charge.


Those interested in becoming a follower should contact CEIM and present the idea they wish to develop in the Steve Jobs room.

Other information:

  • The teacher responsible for the evaluation/implementation of the project will be contacted in order to validate the registration.
  • The first-come-first-served basis/criteria will be used in cases when the number of entries exceeds the limit of available vacancies.
  • The specificity of the candidate projects, because they have different start and finish dates, will allow for a dynamic management of resources and new entrants in the room all throughout the year.
  • The room is reserved for followers and teachers responsible for the projects.
  • To facilitate the identification of the followers, an individual photo will be taken and placed on permanent display in the room.
  • In order to manage the space, followers must register their presence (morning/afternoon) on a calendar for that purpose.
  • There is no limit on the use of the room during the period of time established for each project, but we remind users that the maximum physical capacity of the room at any one time is 16 seats.
  • A Facebook group will be created to serve as the "virtual co-working area", allowing interaction between the followers.