8 April, 2014

Virtual office

The virtual office is a modern, efficient and cost-effective way to develop a business. It helps reduce the initial costs for implementing the business, as it implies no fixed location and allows you to use equipped office spaces for meetings with your clients, suppliers or partners.


38 € /month

Target Group:

Businesses/organisations (companies, professional associations, associations, trade unions, etc…)
Individuals with business projects and/or research projects

Virtual office

Business address
Black & white prints and photocopies (A4 pages – 125 units)
Colour prints and photocopies (A4 pages – 10 units)
Meeting rooms – 5h
Shared use of the support room – printer, fax, scanner, computers, telephones, paper shredder and meeting table
Internet access
Telephone answering and message-taking service
Client Reception
Sending and receiving of correspondence
Maintenance and cleaning of the building

Price list >>


  1. This information does not dispense with the consultation of the price list, where you can check all the benefits included and details of our services.
  2. The amounts shown do not include VAT.
  3. The first month’s fee + a 2-month security deposit is due when the service is activated. Request a meeting meeting with our team for further information and choose the option that best fits your activity.
  4. If you have already contacted us and want to start the service, you must fill out the application form to join CEIM’s services.
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