Several incentive systems are available to companies and entrepreneurs in Madeira. Find out which is best suited to your company or business idea!

In Madeira there are several entities responsible for allocating the incentive systems targeted to support business activity and entrepreneurship. The IDE – Madeira Business Development Institute is responsible for the assignment of most of these incentive systems in the following areas: technological development, entrepreneurship, innovation, research, quality, qualification, tourism promotion and business revitalization.

Also included in this section are incentive systems for persons who are unemployed (presented by the local Institute for Employment) and development of rural areas (presented by the Regional Department of Agriculture).

Remember that the selection of an incentive system always depends on several factors, such as: development stage of the company; eligible expenses; type of business activity; professional status of the promoters, etc. See the list below and determine which incentive system best suits your business idea.

IEM – Instituto de Emprego da Madeira


Area: Job creation by recipients of unemployment benefits.

Objective: Encourage the return of the unemployed and recipients of unemployment benefits to active life and prevent the risk of social exclusion. Applicants are offered the possibility of requesting all their unemployment benefits, on presentation of an employment business project which demonstrates economic and financial viability.

Stimulus Program for Unemployed Entrepreneurship

Area: Investment support of entrepreneurs.

Objective: To encourage and support the creation of self-employment by entrepreneurial unemployed, who have a business idea that is technically, economically and financially viable, which will translate into a business project under any nature or legal form, as well as contribute to the possible creation of other jobs required for the development of that project.

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