The Innovation Management Program in Madeira is designed for companies who would like to have accompaniment in innovation management, enabling them to ascertain their position, existing gaps and needs in this area and benefit from a consultancy service to support the implementation of corrective measures to solve the constraints detected.

This consultancy service will allow companies to realise their potential and move forward with innovative projects and initiatives that contribute most to increasing their competitiveness and international visibility.

New editions of the Innovation Management Program in Madeira are launched on a regular basis through public notice. Eight regional companies are involved in the current program. The following stages are foreseen for each consultancy action:

– selection of the companies: choice of the entities that will be involved;
– framework of the action: initial contact with the company’s employees under the theme “innovation management” and explanation of the work to be done;
– preparation of the action: review of the status of the innovation in the company;
– diagnostic of innovation: identifying needs for intervention and summary of corrective measures proposed;
– diagnostic intervention: description of the area to be worked on and presentation of alternatives to address and resolve the need/gap found;
– implementation of corrective measures: monitoring the implementation of the selected measure.

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