Altice challenges startups > IOT Challenge

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Altice challenges startups > IOT Challenge

Registrations until july 3rd

Our partner, Altice Portugal, is working on a LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) technology, for IoT, called NB-IoT, that allows the development of new solutions with a low implementation cost, integration with a high variety if IOT equipments, longer battery life expectancy and indoor long range reach.

In this context, PT Empresas launches the 3rd edition of IoT Challenge, where Startups and businesses that operate in the  M2M (Machine to Machine) market and IoT (Internet of Things), can develop innovative solutions of Internet of Things (IoT) with NB-IoT (Narrow Band-IoT) connectivity, in a quick, scalable and flexible way with the IoT services of PT Empresas, or they can adapt their own IOT solutions and innovate.

All information is available at:

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