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EIT Health Sessions Madeira Digital Transformation Week

18 June, 2024
A Startup Madeira will be present at the EIT Health Sessions.This session is free (subject to registration) and is aimed at all companies, startups, researchers and entrepreneurs with an interest in the area. See all the information below and sign up for these sessions.

Unlocking Healthcare Innovation with EIT Health Sessions

The EIT Health InnoStars is hosting two workshops at Madeira Digital Transformation Weekaimed at empowering the Madeira ecosystem in healthtech innovation. Engage in meaningful discussions, network with key stakeholders, and participate in activities designed to drive innovation and foster positive change in the local healthcare landscape during the following sessions:

Session 1 - HealthConnect: Bridging Healthcare Stakeholders with EIT Health Partners
26 June 2024 - 15:00-16:20, Lagoon III

This workshop will feature open discussions where participants can explore the latest programs and opportunities from EIT Health, learn how to connect with the competitive European healthcare ecosystem, enhance their organization’s visibility, and boost international collaborations.

Marta Passadouro | EIT Health InnoStars Ecosytem Lead
Pedro Ramos Regional Secretary of Health and Civil Protection the Autonomous Region of Madeira (tbc)
Carlos Faro | Professor da Universidade de Coimbra e Diretor Científico do Biocant Park
Carlos Lopes | CEO Startup Madeira
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Session 2 - EDIH-DigiHealth PT & TEF Health Roadshow
26 June 2024 - 16:40-18:00, Lagoon III

Participants will learn how to leverage digital innovation to enhance their business operations and drive growth in the HealthTech sector, improving the level of digitalization in their companies. The session will highlight how EDIH-DigiHealth PT serves as a one-stop shop to help startups, SMEs, and public sector organizations respond to digital challenges and become more competitive through innovation. Additionally, it will introduce TEF Health as a new digital innovation cluster designed to accelerate the value chain in Health AI and Robotics by providing specific support to innovators, startups, and SMEs.

Marta Passadouro EIT Health InnoStars Ecosytem Lead
Carolina Sampaio Dinis DigiHealthPT Innovation Lead
Why Attend?
• One-on-one Meetings: Engage in personalized meetings with experts to discuss your specific needs, challenges, and opportunities.
• Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded peers, and potential collaborators to foster partnerships and synergies.
• Tailored Support:Discover where you can receive personalized guidance and support to navigate the complexities of digital transformation and healthcare innovation.
Registration for the EIT Health sessions is freebut grants restricted access only to referred sessionsTo attend other events within the broader Madeira Digital Transformation initiative, separate registrations will be required.
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